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Temple of Praise Baptist Church

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Pastor Gregory Lingham - Senior Pastor


Born and raised in the City of Philadelphia, Pastor Gregory P. Lingham is the Senior Pastor of Temple of Praise Baptist Church, a spirit-filled, Bible-believing church that ministers love, healing, deliverance, restoration, and hope to the North Philadelphia community. As the senior pastor, Pastor Lingham serves as the chief under-shepherd and overseer of the church, feeding, leading and nurturing the flock, and is responsible for the overall leadership and vision for the church. He is a catalyst for positive change through his commitment to teaching and preaching the scriptures, and his devotion to serving ALL people. 

Pastor Lingham accepted the Lord during his high school years, later establishing a more intimate relationship with God as an adult. After publically acknowledging his Christian faith and belief in Jesus Christ through water baptism, Pastor Lingham surrendered his total will, over to the will of God. In September 2003, he started serving fervenlty in the ministry, and was promoted to the office of Deacon at the New Life In Christ Baptist Church. As a deacon he was responsible for ministering to the needs of church members and offering support to the pastor.

Recognizing the call of God on his life through his continuous hunger and thirst for understanding and experiencing God, Pastor Lingham enrolled into Palmer Institute, where he would earn his Bachelor’s degree in Theology. He continues to study and search the scriptures daily, as instructed by God in II Timothy 2:15 “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

In May of 2011, Pastor Lingham joined Victory Community Bible Baptist Church under the tutelage of Dr. L.D. Clark, receiving additional leadership and ministry training. After faithfully serving and growing in the lORD and in the work of the ministry, he was appointed to the office of Assistant Pastor, working in concert with the senior pastor and ministerial staff in making disciples for Christ. Later that year, he became a member of the Christian Fellowship Ministers Conference. More recently, Pastor Lingham teamed up with the Progressive National Baptist Conference, where he continues to flourish in his pastoral and leadership development, understanding that “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Prov. 27:17

Pastor Lingham vows to remain steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, and to always give himself fully to the work of the of the Lord, knowing that his labor is not in vain”, in accordance with 1 Corinthians 15:58.

Pastor Lingham is happily married to Loretta Lingham, who is the Co-Pastor serving as his right hand in carrying out the ministry of the church.

“My mission is winning the souls for Christ and making disciples of men”'

Pastor Lingham


Loretta Lingham - Pastor


A native of Brookyn New York, Loretta Lingham serves as the Co-Pastor of Temple of Praise Baptist Church. As Co-Pastor, she is the faithful partner and right hand to her husband, assisting him with carrying out the ministry of the church. Her essential ministry assignments include assuming the pastoral role in the senior pastor’s absence; in-reach through building relationships with members while ministering to their spiritual needs and obtaining help for their practical needs when needed; and outreach to assimilate newcomers and visitors into the body of the church.

Co-Pastor Lingham accepted Christ at the tender age of eight. Her ministry began at Hickman Temple AME Church in 1995, and continued until 2002. In the course of her membership she received spiritual guidance and preparation for the ministry, under the leadership of Reverend Dr. Joseph D. Patterson. In May 2011, Co-Pastor Lingham joined Victory Community Baptist Church where she was ordained a Minister under the leadership of Dr. L.D. Clark.

After relocating to the City of Philadelphia in the early 1960’s, Co-Pastor attended the public school system, excelling in all her course work. In 1978 she attended Community College of Philadelphia where she studied psychology and criminal justice. In pursuit of her call to the ministry, Co-Pastor Lingham began her Theological Studies at City Wide Interdenominational Christian Training Institute, graduating in June 2000. In 2011she be became a member of the Christian Fellowship Ministers Conference. Co-Pastor Lingham graduated from Reverend Melvin Floyd’s Evangelistic School in 2012, and served as the president. She also attended Deliverance Evangelistic Church for Biblical counseling. 

Co-Pastor Lingham loves leading the congregation in praise and worship,and ushering them into the presence of God. She is a prayer warrior with a unique deliverance ministry for women. Like her husband, Co-Pastor Lingham is devoted to serving people in the community. She has a passion for evangelism. 

Co-Pastor Lingham loves people and she does not mind showing it. She loves hugging everybody. You can feel the presence of God in each hug. Co-Pastor Lingham knows how to serve the LORD with gladness, and thanksgiving.

Co-Pastor Lingham is happily married to Gregory Lingham, who is the Senior Pastor, serving as his right hand in carrying out the ministry of the church.

“My mission is embracing, sharing, and teaching others about the awesome God I serve”

Co-Pastor Lingham.

Winston Rodney - Chairman of Board of Deacons
Anthony Williams - Deacon
Evelyn Lingham - Church Mother
Dena Hart - Church Mother
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